[Responding to the government's calling to benefit residents of old buildings] Fuji Elevator helps renovate old buildings


  With the accelerating pace of the city and the rising standard of living, lifts have become a basic need of modern life. Along with the rising ageing of urban residents, most elderly people are living in multi-storey houses without lifts. With the promotion of barrier-free urbanisation, the retrofitting of lifts to multi-storey houses has become an increasingly prominent issue.

  The retrofitting of lifts in old buildings has become inevitable, improving the quality of life of residents while facilitating travel. The retrofitting of lifts has become a livelihood project advocated and encouraged by the national and provincial governments.

  In continuous exploration and practice, the retrofitting business of Asia Fuji Elevator (Linyi) Co., Ltd has been well received by the majority of owners, and the retrofitting projects have spread all over the country. With the continuous improvement of technology and the growth of the team, Asia Fuji Elevator Company has registered and established "Shandong Retrofitting and Renovation Elevator Technology Co. The company provides one-stop quality services for owners of elevator retrofitting, including "retrofitting planning, scheme design, approval, examination, cost sharing, proposal, government inspection, shaft steel construction, lift equipment production, installation and after-sales maintenance".

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Contributing to the Great Beauty of Pingyi - Asia Fuji elevator has successfully won the bid for the lift procurement project for the station car park and supporting facilities at Meng Shan Station!

Asia Fuji elevator (Linyi) Co., Ltd. stood out among the bidders and successfully won the procurement project of lifts for the station building and supporting facilities of Meng Shan Station in Pingyi County, Linyi City,


Asia Fuji Elevator won "The First Prize of Science and Technology Progress in Linyi City in 2020"

Recently, the project "Development and Application of Intelligent Elevator System" declared by Asia Fuji Elevator won the "First Prize of Science and Technology Progress in Linyi City in 2020". This project is the only award-winning project in the elevator industry in Linyi City, and is another fruit of Asia Fuji Elevator's insistence on scientific and technological innovation,


Asia Fuji Elevator Serves Beijing New Hope Intelligent Pig Farming Project

On February 27, 2021, the elevator equipment carefully built by Asia Fuji Elevator to serve the Beijing New Hope Intelligent Pig Farm project was successfully launched and completed factory acceptance,


Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Han Jinfeng and his party visited Asia Fuji Elevator for research and investigation

On the morning of July 31, Han Jinfeng, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, led a delegation accompanied by Bao Hua, Party Secretary of Pingyi County, to visit Asia Fuji Elevator for research and investigation.


Good news! The company won a bid of $18.55 million!

Good news! The company won a bid of $18.55 million!


The Year of the Ox, the Ox, Fuji Fumin

Some delegates to the National People's Congress suggested that the government should increase its policy and financial support,