The Year of the Ox, the Ox, Fuji Fumin


  Hotspots of the two sessions
  Some delegates to the National People's Congress suggested that the government should increase its policy and financial support,expedite the introduction of relevant management measures for the retrofitting of elevators in old districts,and promote the smooth and rapid development of the work in order to improve people's quality of life and enable them to live a more convenient and happy well-off society as soon as possible.

  Company details
  In order to facilitate the people's welfare,Asia Fuji Elevator(Linyi)Co.,Ltd.has started to expand the business of retrofitting elevators for residential buildings in old districts some years ago.The company is a modern enterprise integrating R&D,design,production,sales and installation and maintenance of all kinds of elevators,located in Pingyi County,Linyi City,Shandong Province,which is a key construction project of Linyi City in 2015.The company covers a total area of 300 mu and has a total investment of 1.3 billion RMB.Our products include passenger elevator,sightseeing elevator,home elevator,business elevator,medical elevator,villa elevator,freight elevator,car elevator,escalator,etc.At present,the company has been awarded the title of"National Quality Inspection and Stable Qualified Product","National Excellent Enterprise of Quality and Integrity","High-tech Enterprise"and other honorary certificates,and has obtained 11 technical patents in the lift industry.11 patents.Along with the company's"one-stop product service in the field of vertical transportation"business,the company began to enter the field of three-dimensional intelligent garage,focusing on solving the problem of"difficult parking",a common problem in cities.

  Nine innovations
  In order to achieve extraordinary leap-forward development,since the second half of last year,the company has taken the principle of"streamlining,optimizing and combining,synergy and efficiency",increased the efforts to attract talents and wisdom and adjusted and optimized the management,further rationalizing the relationship and integrating resources.Under the leadership of Chairman Niu Jun,the International Business Department was established at the right time,establishing the development goal of basing on domestic production,R&D and maintenance services,expanding international business,and responding to the government's call to increase the business of retrofitting residential elevators in old districts for the convenience and benefit of the people,while innovating the management concept and putting forward the ideas of cultural innovation,marketing model innovation,technology R&D innovation,management information innovation,performance assessment innovation,intelligent manufacturing innovation,installation and maintenance innovation,and innovation of the company's management system.At the same time,the company has put forward nine innovative concepts,including innovation in cultural concept,innovation in marketing model,innovation in technology research and development,innovation in management informationization,innovation in performance assessment,innovation in intelligent manufacturing,innovation in installation and maintenance,innovation in procurement management,and innovation in zero-defect quality,in order to build a modern enterprise group with high quality and efficient management and operation,good innovation,responsible and dedicated.

  Fuji benefiting the people
  In the Year of the Ox,Fuji will benefit the people.In the new year,under the leadership of Chairman Niu Jun,all staff of Fuji Elevator Company will carry forward the spirit of"three cows",give thanks to the government,give back to customers and benefit the people,never forget the original intention,forge ahead,achieve the goal of leapfrogging high-quality development,and dedicate to the centenary of the Communist Party of China with excellent results!

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Asia Fuji elevator (Linyi) Co., Ltd. stood out among the bidders and successfully won the procurement project of lifts for the station building and supporting facilities of Meng Shan Station in Pingyi County, Linyi City,


Asia Fuji Elevator won "The First Prize of Science and Technology Progress in Linyi City in 2020"

Recently, the project "Development and Application of Intelligent Elevator System" declared by Asia Fuji Elevator won the "First Prize of Science and Technology Progress in Linyi City in 2020". This project is the only award-winning project in the elevator industry in Linyi City, and is another fruit of Asia Fuji Elevator's insistence on scientific and technological innovation,


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On the morning of July 31, Han Jinfeng, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, led a delegation accompanied by Bao Hua, Party Secretary of Pingyi County, to visit Asia Fuji Elevator for research and investigation.


Good news! The company won a bid of $18.55 million!

Good news! The company won a bid of $18.55 million!


The Year of the Ox, the Ox, Fuji Fumin

Some delegates to the National People's Congress suggested that the government should increase its policy and financial support,