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Hairline stainless steel, acrylic sheet,LED energy-saving downlights
Rear Wall:
Hairline stainless steel + mirror etching stainless steel
Side Wal: :
Hairline stainless stee
Front Wall:
Hairline stainless steel
Car Door:
Hairline stainless steel
Stainless steel flat handrail

360° panoramic view of the car

Product Advantages
Be Responsible for Life, Design for Love

Asia Fuji elevator has a deep insight into the hospital scene, provides meticulous care design for patients and medical staff, and creates an efficient and safe health passage with excellent quality and powerful carrying functions.

Multiple Door Open Modes

Single way door
Crossed door opening
Double ways door

Technical Advantage
FUJI Elevator
Automatic ABB Robotic Production Line

New fully intelligent sheet metal production line, also the most advanced door panel production line in the industry. In the traditional production line, it takes 4-5 people 30 minutes to produce a door panel. Now, the production line only needs 1 worker for 1.5 min to complete the operation.

Electrophoresis treatment

The electrophoresis treatment gives the elevator a smoother appearance and is highly resistant to corrosion, water, and chemicals, especially in some areas with long rainy seasons, the air humidity is high and the chlorine molecule content is high, which can corrode the elevator. The use of electrophoresis-treated equipment in these areas is not affected by these causes and is highly resistant to corrosion in over 10 years long time.

Service Advantage
FUJI Elevator

The elevator is a kind of special customized traveling tool. The biggest strength of our company is customization as well. We could supply different types of elevators to our clients to meet their different needs.

For customization, besides elevator materials, the most important thing depends on the level of elevator technology. Our factory has more than 20 years of production experience, especially for customized elevators, we have professional departments mainly responsible for customized elevators. The most experienced engineers and designers are responsible for one road, one belt project. We are specialized in making customized elevators. Customized elevators are the biggest advantage for us.




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