Asia Fuji Elevator (Linyi) Co., Ltd and Tianhe Supercomputing Huaihai Branch Center Signed Cooperation


  Recently, the Tianhe Supercomputing Huaihai Sub-centre (hereinafter referred to as "Tianhe Huaihai Sub-centre") was held in the conference room on the 3rd floor of the corner building on the east side of Linyi North Station Building, and our company signed a cooperation framework agreement with Tianhe Huaihai Sub-centre. 

  Our company cooperates with Tianhe Huaihai Branch Center to jointly carry out structural simulation calculations of lift equipment under special working conditions, analyze the stress and deformation of lifts in various operating conditions such as lifting and lowering at even speed, acceleration and deceleration, check the strength, stiffness and stability of the structure of lift equipment, provide theoretical basis for the structural design and optimization of equipment, shorten the product development cycle and time to market, and improve the industry competitiveness of Fuji Elevator. This will shorten the product development cycle and time to market, and improve the competitiveness of Fuji Elevator.

  Based on the information service capability of Linyi Enterprise Innovation Cloud, relying on the technological advantages of Tianhe's artificial intelligence Big Data, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things, we provide targeted information services for Fuji Elevator's lift production and enterprise management to improve the intelligence level of lift production, reduce resource and energy consumption, lower operating costs, improve production efficiency and enhance product quality.


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